M/s Hauki has operated to Isosaari and Örö. The vessel is a former ice-breaking ship of the Defense Forces, built in 1978. M/s Hauki was built in Turku and was the first in its class. Six ships were eventually completed and used as connecting vessels for the coastal fortress islands. Nowadays, the successor to the Hauki is the almost identical Hilla in the same position. The vessel was used for recreational boats in 2010-2017 and after was built for a civilian passanger vessel by Suomen Saaristokuljetus. M/s Hauki was the main vessel for Isosaari winter safaris.

M/s Hauki is a powerful vessel and has two main engines that create hydraulic pressure for one large ice propeller. The transmission solution allows for hard torque, at the expense of top speed. The vessel has meltable ice wells for seawater circulation and several other innovative solutions for icing. It is made of heavy steel over 10 mm thick. Only a 14.40 meter vessel weighs about 40 tons. M/s Hauki is exceptionally seworthy and was once driven in wind of more than 30 m/s.

Additional information and reservations: 0400-102 111 or info@suomensaaristokuljetus.fi

Lenght: 14,4 m
Width: 4 m
Maximum number of persons: 44 passangers + 2 crew members
Speed: 4,5 knots
Icebreaking capacity: 25 cm solid ice
Motors: 2 pcs Valmet 611
Transmission: hydraulic, 1 ice propeller
Cruise season: winter


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Mon-Fri  from 9.00 to 15.00

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