Price example: cruise 1200€ & menu 35€/person (max 48 persons). The exact price is affected by the vessel, port of departure and time. Request offer here.

Departure/return: Agreed with customer.

You could cruise during the five hours in the Helsinki archipelago according to the customer´s wishes. Warm salmon soup, bread, butter, fruit, snacks and cookies are served during the cruise.

A five-hour day cruise is enough time to relax and break away from everyday life. A day cruise can include a meeting, seminar, or training, but equally often day cruises are also booked just for recreation and being together. In addition to cruises, our popular day cruises may include island hopping, for example, when visiting several island destinations during the day. Also, just walking around the destinations gives a nice extra program during the day.

During the day cruise also allows customers to visits destinations further away. The archipelago of Espoo and the pearls of the Eastern archipelago, such as Vartiosaari, Iiluoto and Satamasaari, have been popular island destinations either by land or by sea. FRS Finland handles scheduled traffic to the above-mentioned islands, so berths for most destinations in the eastern archipelago can be found on their own. Our staff knows the archipelago of the Helsinki area like their own pockets, so the information and guidance are also possible. In particular, the Eastern Archipelago Route and, for example, the Degerö Canal (restricted vessels!) have been popular directions.

A cruise in the magnificent archipelago is in itself a memorable and excellent experience for the whole group! With our event production you can also plan other things to do such as adventure, sauna, golf and island tours with a guide! For example, the Isosaari excursion, which includes dining on the island, a guided island excursion and a sauna is a good way to spend a day.

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VAT will be added to the prices for corporate clients: 10 % for cruising services and 14 % for restaurant services. We reserve rights to change prices.

Beautiful Helsinki archipelago


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You can inquire about lost property from vessels by phone or from customer service