Helsinki’s newest island destination opened its doors to the public on June 20, 2024!

Experience something truly unique! The Sea Castle, designed by Eliel Saarinen and built in 1918, invites visitors to enjoy unparalleled views and soak in the atmosphere of a bygone era.

The island is located in the middle of Helsinki’s old archipelago villa area, which has previously been largely closed to the general public.


Kivisaari map


Kivisaari is part of Helsinki’s Eastern Archipelago Route. Find the full schedule for the Eastern Archipelago Route here.

For simplicity, below are the departure times specifically for Kivisaari from Vuosaari (Hiekkajaalan Pier), Laajasalo (Reposalmi), and Kalasatama (Parrulaituri 20).

Service operates MON-SUN from 20.6 to 18.8.2024. There will also be limited service from 18.8 to 29.9 FRI-SUN.

⚓ Vuosaari (Hiekkalaiturintie) – Kivisaari – Vuosaari

From Vuosaari to Kivisaari From Kivisaari to Vuosaari
11:40 10:30
15:45 14:45
19:30 18:35

⚓ Laajasalo (Reposalmentie 1) – Kivisaari – Laajasalo

From Laajasalo to Kivisaari From Kivisaari to Laajasalo
10:15 12:35
14:30 16:30
18:20 20:10

⚓ Kalasatama (Parrulaituri 20) – Kivisaari – Kalasatama

From Kalasatama to Kivisaari From Kivisaari to Kalasatama
09:35 12:35
13:45 16:30
17:40 20:10

You can choose departure time, however we recommend to arrive beforehand to take a queue.

Tickets cannot be reserved for the boat; tickets must be purchased on board! Passengers are taken on board from the queue in order of arrival – the only exception on the route is for confirmation groups, which are always taken on board first if they have reserved places on the boat.

If the route becomes crowded during the summer, we will add a second boat to the line.


🎟️ 12€ / one way


🎟️ 6€ / one way

Children and Seniors

Tickets are purchased on board. The ticket price is the same for the entire Eastern route, meaning the price is the same for every departure and return port. Dogs are welcome. Bicycles 5 €.

Note! Guests with room reservations travel for free on the route for the duration of their stay.


Kivisaari ja itäinen saaristoreitti


merilinna 2 huone kivisaaressa

Kivisaari offers accommodation for up to 50 people in several different buildings. Options include staying in a private cottage, a room in the unique Sea Castle designed by Eliel Saarinen, or more affordable and self-catering accommodation in the Viherlehto and Kaleeri buildings. Every room has a sea view, and the surroundings are as beautiful and pleasant as can be!

All rooms have a small refrigerator and microwave, but no stove. There is an electrical outlet in every room for charging phones. The rooms do not have a toilet or shower; instead, the island has 8 dry toilets, a sauna for washing, and a barbecue area. The water is drinkable (water points are near the toilet building, there are no water points in the rooms).

Check-in starts at 14:45, and check-out is by 10:30. The reception is open from 08:30 to 10:30 and from 14:45 to 15:45. At other times, the receptionist can be reached by phone (the receptionist lives on the island and can arrive quickly if needed). Request a late check-out at the reception if needed.

Luggage can be left at the reception, but the storage area is not locked.

Each reservation includes transportation and breakfast for two people. Additional guests must be reported at the time of booking, and they will also receive breakfast and transportation included in the price. There is a barbecue area on the island, but we recommend trying the delicious offerings at the Kivisaari restaurant.

Bed linens and towels are included in the price for separate cottages and Sea Castle accommodation. For other types of accommodation (Viherlehto, Kaleeri, Perhemökki), please bring your own bed linens and towels. The reception has spare linens and towels available for rent for Viherlehto, Perhemökki and Kaleeri guests (additional cost of 20 € per set). Breakfast is self-service in the main building, which is the Sea Castle restaurant.

All room types besides Kaleeri are now bookable.



Myrskyluoto Cottage, double bed 1-2 pers.
Family cottage, 8 single beds 4-8 pers.
Sea Side Cottage, 2 single beds  1-2 pers.
Room Sea Castle 1, 2 single beds 2 pers.
Room Sea Castle 2, 2 double bed 2 pers.
Room Sea Castle 3, 2 single beds 2 pers.
Room Sea Castle 4, 2 single beds 2 pers.
Room Sea Castle 5, 1 single bed 1 pers.
Room 1 in the Galley Guest House  2-6 pers.
Room 1 in Viherlehto Guest House 2-10 pers.
Room 2 Viherlehto Guest House 2-4 pers.
Room 3 Viherlehto Guest House 2-4 pers.
Room 4 Viherlehto Guest House 2-4 pers.
Room 5 Viherlehto Guest House 2-4 pers.
Room 6 Viherlehto Guest House 2-4 pers.


Sauna session for guests every day it is open:

Women 16:45-18:00
Mixed Sauna 18:00-19:15
Men 19:15-20:30

Guests must leave the sauna by 20:45, as the sauna will be locked.

The sauna can be reserved for private use for two hours at other times than 16:00-21:00 at a price of 150 €/hour.


kivisaaren ravintola merilinna rakennuksessa

Restaurant Kivisaari serves in the main building, Sea Castle, on route traffic/accommodation days from 11:00 to 20:00. We offer delicious meals and buffets. Kitchen is open until 19:00.

Breakfast 08:30-10:00
Lunch Buffet 11:30-14
A´la Carte 15-19

Breakfast for guests: 8:30-10:00 self-service. From 11:30 onwards, a different lunch is served every day.  From 15:00 onwards restaurant serves A´la Carte dinner, kitchen is open until 19:00. For more details, visit the restaurant’s website here!

Note! The restaurant is also available for private parties. Additionally, there is another restaurant on the island that is rented exclusively for private use.

Breakfast for Guests

Archipelago Smoked Cheese

Cream Cheese

Turkey Slices


Shredded Lettuce

Fresh Cucumber


Bread Selection and Spread


Fresh Juice

Morning Smoothie

Coffee and Tea

Price per person: 15 €

* * * * *

A´la Carte

Toast Skagen (L) €18.00

Lightly toasted bread with shrimp mayonnaise, egg, whitefish roe, and sprouts. Available gluten-free


Sailor’s Mussels “Moules Marinières” (L) €19.50

Blue mussels cooked in a parsley-flavored white wine garlic broth, served with fresh baguette and butter.


Charred Salmon and Lemon (M, G) €19.50

Charred sea salmon on a generous bed of salad, with egg, tomato, dill pickles, and a refreshing lemon vinaigrette.


Goat Cheese and Strawberry Salad (L) €19.50

Crisp iceberg lettuce with strawberries, cucumber, tomato, sunflower seeds, and strawberry vinaigrette.


Creamy Salmon Soup with Archipelago Bread (L, G) €19.50

Sea salmon, potatoes, onions, dill, and heavy cream, served with archipelago bread and butter.


Fish Platter à la Archipelago (L) €21.00

Gravlax, shrimp Skagen, herring, half a boiled egg with whitefish roe, new potatoes sautéed in dill butter, and chive sour cream sauce.


Asparagus Risotto (L, G) €19.50

Asparagus risotto flavored with lemon and shallots, topped with grated Parmesan and drizzled with arugula oil. Available vegan


Beef and Pepper (L, G) €32.00

Beef tenderloin steak with creamy cognac-pepper sauce and a lemony early potato cake.


Cheesecake with Wild Strawberries (VL) €8.50

Baked cheesecake served with wild strawberry coulis.



L = Lactose-free, M = Dairy-free, G = Gluten-free, VL = Low-lactose


Lunch 16.00 € / Guests 14.50 €


Flounder in Lemon-Nettle Sauce (L/G)

New Potatoes

Roasted Pork Neck in Creamy Sky Sauce

Root Vegetable and Potato Gratin (L/G)


Root Vegetable Patties and Vegetables

Yogurt Sauce (L/G)

Beef Stew Braised in Wine

Pilaf Rice (L/G)


Summer Soup Made from Seasonal Root Vegetables and Greens (L/G)

Fresh Sourdough Bread and Butter (L)

Chicken in Spring Onion and Chive Sauce

Beluga Lentil Rice (L/G)


Tomato Vegetable Stew with Leaf Herbs

Roasted Potatoes (L/G)

Meatballs in Green Pepper Sauce

Parsnip Potato Puree with Dijon Mustard (L/G)


Flounder in Lemon-Nettle Sauce

New Potatoes

Roasted Pork Neck in Creamy Sky Sauce

Root Vegetable and Potato Gratin (L/G)


The price includes:

Summer Salads

Water and Juice as Beverages

Coffee and Tea

Weekend Lunch

Weekend Lunch 17.30 € / Guests 14.50 €


Root Vegetable Patties and Vegetables

Yogurt Sauce (L/G)

Beef Stew Braised in Wine

Pilaf Rice (L/G)


Salmon Patties with Lime

Tartar-Pickle Sauce

Dill Potatoes (L/G)

Beef Roast with Rum Sauce

Rosemary Potatoes

Steamed Cauliflower (L/G)


The price includes:

Summer Salads

Water and Juice as Beverages

Coffee and Tea


kivisaaren grillipaikka kivisaaressa

The island offers free access to an outdoor ping pong table, volleyball net, mölkky (the original Finnish throwing game), dartboard, and ball games. There is a barbecue area on Karhusaari, across the footbridge.

More equipment will be available for rent soon, such as a rowboat (expected in July 2024).

Through our partners, we can also arrange other activities, for example, for team-building or wellness days!


You can organize unforgettable parties or, for example, a team-building or wellness day for your work community on Kivisaari!

Examples with prices:

  • Round-trip transportation: 1900 € + VAT (from Vuosaari, Laajasalo, Kalasatama, or Market Square).
  • Sauna: starting from 500 € + VAT, including towels. The price depends on the number of people and duration.

Meals and drinks from the Sea Castle restaurant or the Galley restaurant: request a quote, we cater to your preferences!

Activities: Request a quote, we cater to your preferences!

Drinks on board can be ordered separately.


kivisaaren vierasvenesatama

Guest Boat Dock for the Restaurant

The dock on the south side of the island is available for short visits starting from June 26th. Welcome to enjoy the offerings of our restaurant!

The dock is small and can accommodate 2-4 boats at a time. Unfortunately, we are unable to build a larger guest marina for this year.

Pricing: €10 / per starting 2 hours

Payment: To be made at the restaurant

Docking Allowed:

•June 20th – August 18th: Monday to Sunday
• August 18th – September 29th: Saturday to Sunday
• Between 10 AM and 8 PM

Docking outside these hours is prohibited.

Rules (we appreciate your understanding):

1. Docking at the north side waterbus dock is strictly prohibited. The north side dock is reserved for authorities and maintenance only.

2. Overnight stays at the dock are prohibited; docking is allowed only between 10 AM and 8 PM.

3. Docking with commercial vessels and bringing customers to the island for a fee is strictly prohibited. If this occurs, we will have to stop operating the guest dock, as the island’s maintenance costs are primarily covered by route ferry tickets.

4. Camping is prohibited.

Kayak Landing at the Camp Area (Kivisaari and Karhusaari)

You can arrive with your own rowboat or kayak to Kivisaari or Karhusaari starting from June 26th and land anywhere you like, except near the sauna, docks, or directly next to buildings.

Service Fee: €5 per watercraft per visit

Payment is made at the restaurant. The service fee helps cover the costs of landscaping, maintenance, toilets, and barbecue areas.

Landing is allowed between 10 AM and 8 PM.


Asiakaspalvelu palvelee arkipäivisin klo 9-15.
Puh. 010 202 3780 tai Huomaathan, että sähköpostissa on tällä hetkellä ruuhkaa, vastaamme mahdollisimman pian!

Kivisaaren asiakaspalvelu palvelee osoitteessa tai 0505057367. 

TILAUSRISTEILYT tai lähetä tarjouspyyntö!



M/s Gädda 050 471 3092
M/s Isosaari II 050 471 5626
M/s Kajava 050 300 9736
M/s Koskelo 045 615 1633
M/s Taxen 050 342 4569
M/s Tuulispää 050 338 6661
M/s Viapori 050 477 5028
M/S Vire 045 615 1634
M/s Wellamo 045 615 1632

Numeroihin vastataan ainoastaan, kun laivat ovat liikenteessä.


Löytötavaroita voi tiedustella laivoilta puhelimitse tai asiakaspalvelusta