This is FRS Finland Oy data protection information and privacy statement sheet in accordance with EU regulations (GDPR). Written 24.5.2018. Updated 1.3.2021

  1. Keeper of registry
    FRS Finland Oy, PL 10, 10301 Karjaa
    p. 0102023780
  2. Contact person
    Mirva Piispa,
  3. Name of register
    FRS Finland Oy:n asiakasrekisteri
  4. Legal base for processing personal information
    EU general regulations on the processing of private information is a customer-service provider relation, asking for a quota, legally binding information on travelling or the customer willingly informing that he/she wants to be added to a mailing list. The purpose for collecting information is to contact clients, manage customer-relations, marketing, etc. No information shall be used for automated profiling or similar actions.
  5. Register Content
    Information saved in the registry is: Name, company/organization, contact information, webpages, other information related to a purchase or reservation and possibly credit card or similar information for billing purposes.
  6. Information acquisition
    Information may be acquisitioned by forms on the www-page, a group calendar, hotel booking systems, through the webstore, by e-mail, phone, social media platforms contracts, client meeting and other situations where the customer hands over his/her information. We may also fill in some information from reliable sources, such as information for billing purposes, if left out by the customer.
  7. Information handovers or moving information outside the EU or ETA area
    Information is not usually handed over to third parties, the exception being reservations where third parties are involved. No information is knowingly moved outside EU/ETA areas by the company.
  8. Principles for protection of the register
    The register is kept and protected according to high standards. When information is moved on the Internet-servers their physical protection is well executed. The keeper of the registry sees to that only authorized personnel uses the information, and all information is handled in a classified manner.
  9. The right to examine and change information
    Any person with information in this register has the right to request his/her information details and demand that incorrect information is changed. If the individual wants to examine the data on her, she must first contact the registry keeper in writing and demand to see the information. The registry keeper may ask to present proof of identity. The Registry keeper will answer within limits set by the EU.
  10. Right to demand information to be deleted
    Any individual has the right to demand that information regarding her be deleted from the registry (“the right to be forgotten”). The individual also has any other of the rights specified by the EU GDPR, such as restricting use of personal information in certain situations. Written requests must be sent to the registry keeper in these cases. The registry keeper may ask to present proof of identity. The Registry keeper will answer within limits set by the EU.


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