1. Orders are agreed in writing, usually by email.


2. The order is binding 1 month before the cruise if the customer cancels the cruise after that customer will pay 50 % of the price. This only applies to the price of the cruise, not the price of a food. For a cruice canceled 8 days before the agreed cruise, the customer will pay 100 % of the price and 100 % of the food. There terms and conditions may be waived if mutually agreed for a valid reason (for example due to the uncertainties of the Covid situation).


3. Cruises will be billed afterwards. The payment period id 7 days. The billing surcharge is 11€/ invoice. If necessary, a longer payment period can be agreed with us.


4. The customers must always provide their billing information in writing before the cruise. 


5. If the cruise has to be canceled, the shipping company won´t charge anything and prepayments will be refunded to the customer in full. However, the shipping company won´t compensate the customer´s other possible costs.


6. At sea the bad weather is always a risk. The customer must understand and accept that security must be first. If the cruise is canceled due to the weather, the customer won´t be charged anything.


7. The customer can´t unilaterally cancel the cruise based on the weather. Cancellation is made in agreement with shipping company which knows the weather limits of the ships.


8. For food cruises, the customer will be charged for the food according to what they have inform 8 days before the cruise.


+358102023780 weekdays from 9 to 15 or info@frs-finland.fi. We answer as soon as possible!


myynti@frs-finland.fi or offer request





M/s Gädda +358 45 615 1632
M/s Isosaari II +358 50 471 3092
M/s Kajava +358 50 300 9736
M/s Koskelo +358 50 471 5626
M/s Okeanos +358 50 338 6661
M/s Taxen +358 50 342 4569
M/s Taxen II +358 50 3019154
M/s Tuulispää +358 45 615 1633
M/s Viapori +358 50 477 5028
M/S Vire +358 45 615 1634
M/s Wellamo +358 50 300 9781

We answer only when the vessels are in traffic.


You can inquire about lost property from vessels by phone or from customer service info@frs-finland.fi