The eastern archipelago of Helsinki is full of interesting islands that are not served by scheduled traffic. The pearls of the eastern archipelago includes Vartiosaari, Iiluoto, Kotiluoto, Satamasaari and Villinki. However, FRS Finland transports passengers on a charter cruise to Vartiosaari or Iiluoto. Offer request!


Vartiosaari is an island located between Laajasalo and Vuosaari. There is no direct road or bridge to the island. The island is home for dozen residents in the cottages. There is a nature trail where you can find hiidenkirnu and beautiful cliffs. Vartiosaari offers a great view of the Eastern archipelago. During summer, the island has a pop-up café, a small gallery and interesting events. Groups can rent the cottage for parties.


Kotiluoto is an island in the Eastern archipelago located in Kallalahdenselkä, next to Laajasalo. There is a rocky house with a beach and barbecue area. The house can be rented separately through companies.



Villinki is an idyllic island in Eastern Helsinki, close to Jollas and Santahamina. The island is classified as a culturally and historically valuable place. Villinki has old cottages and beautiful nature. However, you can walk free on the island but remember to respect the nature.


Iiluoto is island for the Helsinki city´s staff and it is located south of Kallalahdenniemi. The island has a villa from 1910s, different buildings, a marina and harbour for vessel. Only employees of the City of Helsinki can spend a day or night in Iiluoto. FRS Finland’s connecting boat runs regularly on the Eastern Archipelago Route during the summer. We also transport customers on a charter cruise outside of the schedules.


Satamasaari is an island located in Kallalahdenselkä. There are 102 private summer cottages and a main villa built in the 1880s. Only the owners and their guests of summer cottages can visit Satamasaari by their own boats or connecting boat. It is possible to book a private charter to the island outside the scheduled traffic.

Photo: Satu Toivonen


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