In addition to scheduled traffic to Iso Vasikkasaari and Otaniemi, FRS Finland also operates to the islands of Espoo on  charter cruises. Would you like to spend the day at the Pentala historical museum and then dine at the restaurant? Or would you like to have a day trip with a work group on the most beautiful island of Espoo – Gåsgrunden? We have vessels of different sizes to transport different groups. We offer transportations for example to Iso Vasikkasaari, Pentala, Gåsgrund, Stora Herrös and Rövaren. Offer request!


The nature of Iso Vasikkasaari is fresh and beautiful. There are many outdoor areas and beaches on the island where you can spend your summer days. On the island you will find an old fishman´s house which now serves as a kiosk and a summer restaurant. Iso Vasikkasaari has a large playground and toys for children. Camping is not allowed. There are also a toilet, kitchen, a fresbeegolf course and a beachvolleyball court. Iso Vasikkaasaari is partly accessible island and it would be advisable to bring an assistant.



Gåsgrund is a popular camping island and is ideal to hiking for whole family. You can also do a daytrip to the island. It is possible to rest in peace and go swimming on the north of the island. The ground is flat and there are relatively few trees. There are kitchen and toilets on the island. According to some sources, Gåsgrund is the most beautiful island in the Espoo archipelago. Come and check!



In Rövaren you will find various seaside plants, blueberry and lingonberry areas. On the island you will find kitchen, toilets, fireplaces and pier. You can camp free and dogs are welcome to visit Rövaren! The island is nice place to spend the summer for day trips and overnight stays. Rövaren offers great views to Espoo archipelago!


Pentala is located in the Suvisaaristo and is the highest island in Southern Finland. Once upon a time, there were about a dozen people living in Pentala who formed an archipelago village. Today the archipelago village has been restored and opened to the public as a traditional museum. In the museum you can get to know the interesting history of the island from many years ago. Pentala also has a 2,3 km long nature trail and sheep in the enclosure. On the island you will find Lake Pentala where you can swim. Pentala restaurant is very nice place to eat. Dogs are welcome to Pentala!



The terrain of Stora Herrö is mostly rocky and some of the island has sandy coast. There are private cottages on the beaches but most of the island are is free outdoor area. There are naturetrails in Stora Herrö that lead to a higher point on the island and at the same time a great observation deck. Berries and mushrooms can be found in the forest of the island. Camping is possible and there are kitchen, fireplaces and toilets.


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