NEW FOR 2022! FRS Finland Oy operates Helsinki’s newest route between Nokkalan majakka and Kalasatama from June to August. The Western Archipelago Route is the only water transport route that connects the archipelago destinations of Espoo and Helsinki. On the way you can enjoy the beautiful archipelago and stop in Lonna to eat or admire nature in Vallisaari. The Western Archipelago Route runs: NOKKALA-HAUKILAHTI-LONNA-SUOMENLINNA-VALLISAARI-KRUUNUVUORENRANTA-KALASATAMA. The total duration of the cruise is about 2 hours. During the trip you can get to know the islands of Espoo and Helsinki, where you can stop or alternatively enjoy the whole cruise from Nokkala to Kalasatama. Spend a nice day on boat and go on a one-way cruise from Espoo to Kalasatama and back by bike! Plan your own day, schedules below! The café serves snacks and drinks during the cruise. The ship has A-licenses. The western archipelago route is mainly operated by the ship m / s Kajava.

The direct telephone number for the ship is 050 300 9736. The ship’s own telephone is answered only when the ship is in traffic. If this number is not answered, call the general customer service number: 0102023780 Mon-Fri from 9 am to 3 pm. You can also send questions by e-mail to info@frs-finland.fi. Please pay for the trips with a debit card, please (preferably by local payment. Visa, MasterCard and Visa Electron are available). Cash payment is possible in case of emergency, but please reserve a flat rate in this case. Note! We do not accept bookings, so please come to the queue in time!


Traffic days in July and August only on SAT-SUN (except FRI 29.7 when we drive the route) 18-19.6, 1-2.7, 9-10.7, 16-17.7, 23-24.7, 30-31.7, 6-7.8 6-7.8, 13.-14.8, 20-21.8 ja 27-28.8. Passenger numbers and weather conditions can affect on the schedule. NOTE! We also operate PE 29.7 according to the schedule.

Departs Departs
Nokkala 10.00 ↓ 14.50 → 15.00 ↓ 19.30
Hauki­­­­lahti 10.10 ↓ 14.35 ↑ 15.15 ↓ 19.20 ↑
Lonna 11.25 ↓ 13.30 ↑ 16.20 ↓ 18.15 ↑
Suomen­­­­linna 11.35 ↓ 13.15 ↑ 16.35 ↓ 18.08 ↑
Valli­­­­saari 11.45 ↓ 13.05 ↑ 16.45 ↓ 17.55 ↑
Kruunu­­­­vuoren­­­­ranta 12.00 ↓ 12.50 ↑ 17.00 ↓ 17.40 ↑
Kala­­­­satama 12.20 → 12.30 ↑ 17.20 → 17.20 ↑
Departs Departs


1. NOKKALA (leaves nearby Nokkalan majakka)  2. HAUKILAHTI (Haukilahti marina)  3. LONNA (scheduled traffic harbor)   4. SUOMENLINNA (Artillery Bay)  5. VALLISAARI (Luotsipiha)  6. KRUUNUVUORENRANTA  7. KALASATAMA (Parrulaituri 20)


Kalasatama – Nokkala (or Nokkala – Kalasatama) ADULT 20€

CHILD (7-17 years) 10€

Suomenlinna-Vallisaari crossing ADULT 5€

Vallisaari-Kruunuvuorenranta crossing ADULT 5€

Kruunuvuorenranta-Kalasatama crossing ADULT 5€

The 20€ ticket includes the trip from Kalasatama to Espoo or v.v. You can hop off at any island in between and hop on to return in your preferred direction. The 30€ ticket includes the trip from Kalasatama to Espoo and back to Kalasatama (5h cruise).

The price of the one way ticket within Helsinki depends on the distance: one stop is 5€. For example Kalasatama – Vallisaari which includes two stops will cost 10€. Leaving from Espoo to Lonna / Suomenlinna / Vallisaari or v.v. costs always 20€ and includes the return.

Kalasatama – Suomenlinna: one way 15€, return ticket 20€

Haukilahti or Nokkala – Suomenlinna: 20€ (no separate one way ticket available, return always included)

Kruunuvuorenranta – Vallisaari: one way 5€. Return ticket 10€. If you want to continue your trip to Espoo it would be 20€ in total.

Kruunuvuorenranta – Suomenlinna: one way 10€, return ticket 20€.

Children from 7 to 17 years half price. Children under 7 years for free with adult. Bike 5€ (if there is space). Strollers are included free of charge. Pets are welcome on board! Ask more from the vessel, by email or by calling! We accept cash, debit cards and the most common credit cards. In cash payment, please reserve a flat rate for your trip.


+358 102023780
Mon-Fri  from 9.00 to 15.00.

Contact us also: info@frs-finland.fi. We answer as soon as possible!


myynti@frs-finland.fi or offer request





M/s Kajava 050 300 9736
M/s Koskelo 045 615 1633
M/s Okeanos 050 5355219
M/s Gädda 045 615 1632
M/s Viapori 045 145 5946
M/s Vire 045 615 1634
M/s Isosaari II 050 471 3092
M/s Wellamo 050 300 9781
M/s Mistral 050 471 5626

We answer only when the vessels are in traffic.


You can inquire about lost property from vessels by phone or from customer service info@frs-finland.fi