FRS Finland is committed to developing a concept of sustainable travel. Our company was awarded the Ekokompassi (Eco Compass) certificate and the Sustainable Travel Finland certificate.

Our company is committed to the protection of the marine environment and to reducing our CO2 emissions. We have constantly reduced the amount of waste we produce and are recycling everything we can. We have installed new low-emission engines on many vessels and are investigating possibilities of electrifying our fleet in the future.

In all our undertakings we aim for a fair and equal treatment of both our staff and our customers. We also try to inspire our interest groups to involve themselves in sustainable travel.

Our vessels runs on Neste MY renewable diesel made from 100% waste and residues. On avarage, vessel transport has 90% lower greenhouse emissions than fossil diesel. Neste MY renewable fuels burn cleanly and put less strain on the engine and the climate.


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M/s Gädda +358 45 615 1632
M/s Isosaari II +358 50 471 3092
M/s Kajava +358 50 300 9736
M/s Koskelo +358 50 471 5626
M/s Okeanos +358 50 338 6661
M/s Taxen +358 50 342 4569
M/s Taxen II +358 50 3019154
M/s Tuulispää +358 45 615 1633
M/s Viapori +358 50 477 5028
M/S Vire +358 45 615 1634
M/s Wellamo +358 50 300 9781

We answer only when the vessels are in traffic.


You can inquire about lost property from vessels by phone or from customer service