Flexible Island Adventures with the Two-Day Ticket

With our Two-Day Ticket, you have the opportunity to explore Helsinki and its islands at your own pace. Here are the highlights you should not miss, an example tour you can do:

Day 1: Vallisaari

Start your journey on the beautiful island of Vallisaari, known for its diverse natural destinations in the Helsinki archipelago. Explore the rich flora and fauna and enjoy the tranquility of this unique island.

More about Vallisaari
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Day 2: Suomenlinna & Lonna

After an interesting day on the historic island of Suomenlinna, head over to Lonna. There, you can have a relaxing day with delicious food, a refreshing sauna visit, and the opportunity to unwind and enjoy the island’s beauty.

Informations about Suomenlinna & Lonna

Benefits of the Two-Day Ticket

      • Maximum Flexibility: Explore the islands on your own schedule.
      • Diverse Experiences: Discover the natural and historical diversity of the Helsinki archipelago.
      • Comfort and Convenience: Travel whenever you want and enjoy your stay without any rush.

Make use of our new Two-Day Ticket to explore the islands of Helsinki at your leisure. The beauty and diversity of the archipelago are waiting for you to discover.

You do not have time for a two days trip? You can book all the tickets separately as well and just enjoy one island.

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